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Product portfolio

Standard product line:
  • halogen-free and flame-retardant design cables with functionality in a fire
  • coaxial cables for TV distribution networks
  • telephone, signal and security cables
  • optical cables
  • heating mats and heating circuits,
  • heat-shrinkable accessories
Special cables for project applications with higher demands on material composition and construction in terms of:
  • mechanical resistance, temperature resistance, flexibility, EMC, intrinsically - safe requirements
  • use in primary and secondary zones of nuclear power plants
  • resistance to petroleum products
  • increased UV stability, resistance to termites and rodents
 Simply, cables tailored to customers´ requirements.

Electrical insulating materials
We are engaged in the sale and distribution of electrical insulating materials used in the manufacture and repair of electric motors, transformers and other electrical machinery. In addition, we also provide technology consulting in these areas. We are the exclusive representative firms an COGEBI (CR) in Slovakia and dealer companies Isovolta (AT) Favier (FR) and Martindale (USA). The focus of our range are therefore production programs mentioned companies. They are mainly mica insulators, slot insulation, laminates and engineering plastics. We also distribute products of our parent company, especially electrical insulating varnishes and resins. Moreover, it also engaged in selling various supplementary materials such as pipe insulation, tape, adhesive tape, bandage strips, machined parts, grooved pins, carbon holders, commutator maintenance tools and more.

Winding Wires
Coated round copper wires (0,140 – 5,00 mm) and coated rectangular copper wires (4 – 40 mm2), insulated copper rectangular wires (4 – 40 mm2) and aluminium (8 – 40 mm2), 2-fold painted by polyesterimide enamel and emblazoned by glass yarn or combined polyester yarn and glass, or insulated with polyester or polymide tape with heat index of 155, 180 and 220.

Impregnating resins, adhesives, potting materials
Impregnating resins containing reactive solvents (styrene, diallyl phthalate, acrylic) are designed for impregnation of all types of windings of electrical rotating machines and transformers of the temperature class F and H. They are suitable for impregnation technology of continuous or discontinuous dipping at atmospheric pressure or in a vacuum at a rotation and dripping.

Custom solutions
VUKI a.s. offer to his customers tailor made solutions. VUKI adjust properties offered products on requirement of customer, to be able to process them on his equipment.  VUKI provide processing method too for his products on equipment of customer. VUKI prepare procedure of control of quality of its product to avoid its damage.