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Impregnating substances and potting materials

VUPOS – polyesterimid in styrene impregnating resins

VUPOS – polyesterimid in styrene impregnating resins
Chemical base of these impregnating resins is solution of unsaturated polyesterimid in styrene. Styrene impregnating resins are designated for impregnation of mechanically and temperature stressed alternators and high speed electrical rotating machines for domestic appliances and hand tools of thermal classes F and H.

VUDAP - Polyester in diallylphtalate impregnating resin

VUDAP - Polyester in diallylphtalate impregnating resin
Dialylphtalate impregnating resins are one-component impregnating resins based on unsaturated polyester resin diluted in dialylphtalate. They are designated for impregnation of highly mechanical and temperature stressed electrical rotors and transformers of thermal class H (180 °C) by discontinuous technology of dipping, flooding by atmospheric pressure or by vacuum and pressure and by trickling. Dialylphtalate impregnated windings are cured by temperatures 135 – 150 °C in winding.

VUDAC – Polyesterimid in diacrylate impregnating resin

VUDAC – Polyesterimid in diacrylate impregnating resin
Impregnating resins are one or two component, based on unsaturated polyesterimid resins diluted in diacrylate. Impregnating resins are suitable for insulation systems of thermal class H. Impregnating resins are suitable for impregnation of windings of electrical rotating machines and transformers from big diameter enameled wires and from big diameter sectional wires.

VUPOXY – epoxy resins

VUPOXY – epoxy resins
Epoxy resins are one or two component resins based on modified epoxy resin. They are designated for impregnation by trickling or dipping of windings of alternator rotors and high speed rotating electrical machines for domestic and hand appliances pf class F – H. They are characterized by very low VOC, high mechanical strength, perfect penetration not the winding, short time of curing at 120-160 °C. The windins impregnated with epoxy resin have very good mechanical bonding and resistance against solvent vapors, transformers oils and freons.

VULAK - varnishes

VULAK - varnishes
Impregnating varnishes are suitable as coating resistant against tracking. They provide a hardiness, impermeability and good insulation properties at different weather conditions. Some are suitable for impregnation of transformers, chokes and electric motors. LAK 372 is fungicidal, it dries at room temperature using thin layer while it provides perfect insulation against electric flow. It provides also excellent noise reduction. LAK 372 is particularly suitable for tropical execution of transformers. Cured varnishes have very good resistance against transformer oil, humidity. They are suitable for insulations systems in class F – H.

VUKUR - potting materials

VUKUR - potting materials
Polyurethane casting substances are suitable for filling of voids of every type, especially at construction of electrical devices, where casting resins without internal tension with good elastic and electric insulating properties are required.

VULAL - adhesives

VULAL - adhesives
LVL 100, LVL 200 and LAL 205 are one-component adhesive enamels based on modified epoxy resins with low content of volatile substances (max.8%). They are designated mostly for mechanical strengthening – for adhesion of conductors in electrical machines stator windings, middle and big power magnets of separators. By mixing with inorganic fillers it is possible to prepare electro insulating sealants. They are applied by brush or by dipping. Recommended time of curing is 1h at 160°C.

ELFIX - sealants and adhesives

ELFIX - sealants and adhesives
Sealants and adhesives are one or two component epoxy materials based on modified epoxy resins with different contain of inorganic fillers. Two component are cured at room temperature. Acceleration of curing can be achieved by higher temperature. They provide very good electrical and mechanical properties up to 135 °C. They are typical by excellent adhesion to metal, glass, wood, concrete, ceramic, porcelain and thermosets.

Silicone potting and adhesive materials

Silicone potting and adhesive materials
ACC Silicones manufactures a wide range of silicone materials that meet the most demanding internationally recognized standards and regulatory requirements.
At present, they are as follows:
·         RTV one-component silicone adhesives
·         RTV one-component silicone sealants
·         one-component thermosetting adhesives
·         one and two-component potting compounds and gels
·         silicone emulsion adhesives and antifoams
·         silicone molding compounds
·         lubricants containing silicone compounds
·         conformal coatings
·         cleaners for electronics and industrial cleaners
We also supply organo-functional silanes, silicone fluids and polymers and dosing equipment for our materials.
Overview of possible applications:
Key applications include in particular:
·         manufacturing of LED and LED applications
·         solar panel manufacture
·         heat dissipation and heat insulation
·         bonding and sealing
·         formed-in-place gasket liquid sealing (FIPG)
·         mold manufacture
·         tampon printing
·         improved adhesion
·         potting and sealing
·         lubricating
·         strength control
·         conformal coating

Tests provided by VUKI a.s.

Gel time DIN 16 945  Method A                                 
Effect of resin on enamelled wires  STN EN 67 3150 čl. 11, met. B after 60 min at 70 °C
Density DIN 53 217
Viscosity STN673014 Method B, STN 673016, DIN 53015,  DIN 53214
Refractive index STN 650341, refractive method
Acid number STN 673043
Inhibitor content colorimetric method
Melting point STN 65-0310
Water content STN 58-0101,
Ability to cure in considerable thickness DIN 46 448 Blatt 1
Electric strength  DIN 46 448 Blatt 2, STN EN60243-1
Volume resistivity  DIN 46 448 Blatt 3, STN IEC90093
Flow time DIN 53211, STN EN ISO2431 (Ford 4, DIN 4, ISO 6)
Flexibility 5 (Mandrel test,3 mm diameter) IEC 60464-2,STN 67 3079
Bond strength IEC 61033 met. A,met. B, met. C
Thermal endurance  IEC 60216
  DSC method
  Gass chromatography

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